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Independent hearing care from the heart of Northern Ireland

Do you know someone struggling to keep up with conversations? Do you strain to hear the TV or need subtitles?
Over 200,000 people in Northern Ireland are experiencing some form of hearing loss.

True Tone are proudly local to Northern Ireland and offer superior hearing services to help our customers across the country get the most out of life. Every individual’s hearing is unique, that’s why we put so much passion into delivering innovative and bespoke solutions that harness state-of-the-art technology for excellent results.

High quality and completely independent.

From initial hearing assessments, to hearing aid fittings, to lifetime aftercare – we offer it all!

You can count on our dedicated service and expertise.

Hearing tests

Get started with a comprehensive hearing assessment from an expert hearing aid audiologist. Our specialists offer outstanding personalised care tailored to your individual needs.

Ear wax removal

Is excess ear wax causing discomfort? Your specialist can carry out quick, painless wax removal using micro-suction so you can enjoy the sounds around you.

Hearing aids

Your audiologist is highly trained and a specialist in all the leading brands and the very latest technology. Want an invisible hearing aid? We’ll find the perfect one for you.

Lifetime aftercare

Get peace of mind knowing that your specialist will support you with hearing aid aftercare and ongoing, regular checks.

Premium technology at prices you can afford

At True Tone, we offer comparable hearing technology at up to half the price of other providers, with prices starting from as little as £995 for a pair.

Independent expertise

As a proudly independent service, we work with the best hearing specialists in the country. Whether you’re struggling to hear loved ones, want an upgrade on your hearing aid or just want a test to assess your hearing, our experienced audiologists can help.

We can help you choose the perfect hearing aid, offering specialist advice to ensure you get the device that suits your needs.

Want to find out more about our hearing care solutions?

Speak to one of our True Tone patient support team or book your complimentary hearing health check.

Complimentary hearing check

A hearing health check is the first step in your journey to improved hearing. We offer a complimentary test with an experienced clinician to help you on your way.

Why not book an appointment and get started today?

Complete peace of mind

Hearing loss can feel daunting. If you’re worried about your hearing but you’re not sure where to start, we can guide you through the process. From audiology tests to explaining the wide range of hearing aids available, we’re here to bring you confidence and peace of mind.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs)

Do you struggle to hear when there’s lots of background noise? Let us help you find the ideal Assistive Listening Device (ALD) to amplify and tune into the sounds you want to hear.

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team today.

True Tone enhanced lifetime aftercare

Your care doesn’t end as soon as you’ve had your hearing test or been fitted with a hearing aid. We ensure you get the aftercare support you need, along with 6-month and annual checkups.

Find out more about what our complete aftercare service could offer you.

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