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About Phonak hearing aids

Phonak are a global provider of hearing solutions and they’re passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. Their philosophy is that Well-Hearing goes beyond the ability to hear. It is intrinsically linked to a greater state of physical, cognitive and social/emotional well-being. When you enjoy Well-Hearing, you become well-equipped to embrace the life you want.

Phonak continuously challenge the limits of technology to help overcome even the most difficult hearing situations. Phonak’s aim is to create different types of hearing devices which will simplify life, both automatically and effortlessly, whilst providing you with an exceptional hearing experience, everywhere, every time!

We offer a wide range of innovative Phonak BTE, ITE and RIC hearing aids, with varying features and power levels for all types of hearing loss, as well as rechargeable hearing aids and Bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

We also offer the most advanced and latest hearing aid model in the Phonak range – the AudéoLumity.

Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aids

Audéo Lumity focuses on giving improved speech understanding with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech Technology so you can enjoy conversations in many challenging listening situations.

The Audéo Lumity offers:

  • Universal connectivity
  • Health data tracking
  • Fully rechargeable models

Fully immerse yourself in conversations

This receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid has been trained with artificial intelligence based machine learning to accurately identify a sound environment. It perfectly orchestrates the numerous comfort and speech understanding features in Lumity to adapt to your personal environment. Enjoy the benefits that this technology brings to you and your loved ones.

Focus in with StereoZoom 2.0

Imagine trying to focus on a conversation in a noisy place when you are tired; the effort can be draining.

The new StereoZoom 2.0 in Lumity intelligently adapts the strength of focus as the level of noise increases. You can even adjust the focus strength of StereoZoom 2.0, to your preference and in real time via the Speech Focus slider in myPhonak app. This extra focus can lead to 2.5 dB better signal-to-noise ratio.

Understand speech better with SpeechSensor

SpeechSensor is an algorithm that detects the direction from which the main speech signal is coming from. The real life benefit means you can understand speech 15% better when speech is from the side/rear in addition to 11% reduced listening effort.

Monitor your well-being

With the myPhonak app, you can take control of your hearing aids wherever and whenever you like. The all-new health tracking functionality supports you on your health journey and provides you with helpful health data.
Whether you are bonding with your loved ones or enjoying your favorite television show, your hearing plays a fundamental role in your overall well-being.
Hearing loss can creep up gradually. Some sounds remain audible, while others, like higher-pitched sounds, become more difficult to hear.

If you do not hear well, it’s hard to understand and talk to your colleagues, friends and family members. Hearing loss is also associated with a number of health issues:

  • Less social interaction and increased loneliness
  • Less participation in activities with friends or events
  • Increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia
  • Increased risk of falls

Connect with the world around you

Phonak universal connectivity enables your Lumity hearing aids to seamlessly connect to all of your favourite devices. Make true hands-free calls and pair up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices, while two can be simultaneously connected.

Waterproof and rechargeable

Phonak Audeo LifeLumity is the second generation of the world’s first rechargeable hearing aid. Being waterproof and sweatproof, with health data tracking too, it is the ideal hearing solution for anyone who has an active lifestyle and puts their hearing aids to the test.

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