Ear wax removal in Northern Ireland.

Can I remove ear wax at home?

Micro suction ear wax removal at True Tone in Northern Ireland

Don’t put your ear health and hearing at risk with DIY home ear wax removal – read on for our expert advice.

DIY ear wax removal can be risky and can actually make your blocked ears even worse because:

  • It can cause your ear wax to become even more compacted – you could push the wax further into the ear and create a blockage.
  • You could damage your ear – ears are very sensitive and too much pressure could damage or rupture your ear drum potentially causing hearing loss issue.
  • There are infection risks – inserting objects into your ear or using the incorrect technique can disrupt your ears natural balance risking infections.
  • It can be difficult to see what you are doing even if you have someone helping you – the ear canal is a small and delicate space requiring the correct lighting and experience to clear effectively.

Safe treatment for ear wax – ear wax removal services by a qualified audiologist

At True Tone Hearing, we offer safe and effective ear wax removal services using the latest micro-suction technology. Micro-suction is a pain-free procedure that uses a low-pressure suction probe to remove excess wax and debris from the ear canal. It is the quickest, safest, and most effective method of ear wax removal available.

True Tone Hearing’s audiologists are highly trained and experienced in ear wax removal. We will assess your individual needs and recommend the best course of treatment for you. The micro-suction procedure is typically completed within 15 minutes and unlike irrigation methods uses no messy liquids..

If you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, or other symptoms of ear wax buildup, we encourage you to book an appointment with True Tone Hearing for a consultation. Our audiologists will be happy to help you improve your hearing and overall ear health.

Why choose a True Tone audiologist for ear wax removal:

  • Safe and effective: Micro-suction is the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal available.
  • Quick and easy: The micro-suction procedure is typically completed within 15 minutes.
  • Pain-free: Micro-suction is a pain-free procedure.
  • Gentle: Micro-suction is gentle on the ear canal.
  • Convenient: True Tone has clinics across Northern Ireland, so you can find one near you. You don’t need a GP or ear, nose, and throat (ENT) referral to book.

To book an appointment for ear wax removal, please visit our local practice finder.

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