The Link Between Hearing Loss and Falls

Did you know that your hearing health plays a critical role in your balance and stability? It might sound surprising, but untreated hearing loss significantly increases your risk of experiencing a dangerous fall. As we age, both our hearing and balance systems naturally become less efficient, and this combination can create challenges.

Why Hearing Matters for Balance

Our inner ears play a vital role in our sense of balance, helping us stay oriented and detect movement. When you have hearing loss, this complex process can be disrupted. You might experience:

  • Reduced spatial awareness: Difficulty judging distances and the location of objects or sounds around you.
  • Cognitive overload: Your brain works overtime to process sounds, leaving fewer resources for balance and coordinated movement.
  • Inner ear problems: Issues affecting your hearing might also impact the part of your inner ear responsible for balance.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Hearing Loss and Fall Statistics

Research paints a concerning picture. Even mild hearing loss has been found to significantly increase the risk of a fall. Older adults with hearing loss are more than twice as likely to fall than those without.[i] Falls are a major health concern, especially for older adults, leading to potentially serious injuries, reduced mobility, and loss of independence.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Trip You Up

Protecting your hearing is essential for your safety and well-being. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Get regular hearing tests: Early detection of hearing loss is key! A hearing specialist can identify any changes in your hearing and recommend effective solutions.
  2. Don’t ignore the signs: If you notice difficulty following conversations in noisy environments, turning up the TV excessively, or experiencing dizziness, schedule a hearing test.
  1. Explore the power of hearing aids:Modern hearing aids are wonders of technology that can vastly improve your hearing and quality of life. In fact, some of the latest hearing aids available offer benefits like lifesaving fall detection and alerts to notify your emergency contacts.


It’s Time to Stay True to Your Safety

Amplify Hearing is committed to helping you hear better and live better. Our team of expert audiologists will provide comprehensive hearing assessments and ongoing care. If hearing aids are needed, we’ll guide you through the wide range of options available, ensuring you find the perfect fit to boost your hearing and your stability.

Remember, protecting your hearing isn’t just about communication; it’s about preventing falls and maintaining your independence. Find your local independent True Tone Hearing practice today to schedule your hearing test – it’s a simple step that could have a life-changing impact.


[i] Jiam et al. (2016) Hearing Loss and Falls: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Laryngoscope, 126 (11), pp. 2587-2596. DOI: 10.1002/lary.25927

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